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Pre-School: Raccoons and Foxes

We have two separate preschool rooms. The Raccoon room is for younger preschoolers from three and a half to four and a half years of age. The Fox room is for older preschoolers preparing for kindergarten.

Our primary goal in the preschool program is to provide the framework for early elementary school learning. Our preschool programs emphasize pre-reading and pre-math skills. Each week, the curriculum introduces a new letter of the alphabet, which the children learn to recognize, pronounce, and write. We reinforce these skills through stories, songs, and other activities. We also seek to develop pre-math skills with activities such as counting, grouping, and sorting.

Preschoolers also participate in circle time, where they discuss the days of the week, the weather, and other age-appropriate topics. Our theme-based curriculum, which is implemented on a center-wide basis, provides children with opportunities to learn through art, music, social studies, science, computers, and dramatic play.