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School-Age: Owls

Beginning in September 2022, Forge will offer before- and after-school care for children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. All school-age programs will take place in the Owl room on the upper floor of the building, which includes a large classroom for homework, art projects, dramatic play, science exploration, large motor development, and other activities.

For our school-age students, our primary focus is homework. We begin the afternoon program with a short break for snack and play. One of our teachers will then meet with each student to discuss his or her homework for the day. Our teachers will provide individual assistance and tutoring to school-age children on an as-needed basis. We will ensure that school-agers use their afternoon time productively so that homework is complete by the time you arrive to pick your child. Older school-age children will also have time for inside and outside free play

Forge ELC owl